Tap Forms Organizer and Secure Database App Reviews

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3.8 total mess

Lost the sync option. The more the upgrades the more this application which used to be very good and straight forward becomes less and less user friendly.

Indispensable • The best data base organizer

La meilleure application du genre. The best organizer data base, thats it !

Spotlight missing option

Devrait être indexé dans spotlight / should be searchable in spotlight


The best app!

Best database app for iOS

As a programmer for Microsoft Access databases with 35 years of experiences in programming I know what Im talking about. I compared all the different apps for managing large amounts of data on mobile devices and Tap Forms is by far the best solution. I myself use it extensively in a paperless environment by collecting all documents in a form I called Repository. Im a blogger and use Tap Forms to organize all my blogs with all the additional information needed which are not supported by WordPress (my blogging platform). With Search I easily can find a blog post, take the link into the clipboard and forward it on social networks or directly from within Tap Forms via mail. We all know that iOS devices are often short of memory while using multitasking. Tap Forms is one of the few apps which always keeps the entry point and doesnt kick off other apps from the memory. And there are the many different file types (text, number, audio, attachment, location, and, and, and) suitable for all kinds of applications. Thats the reason why Tap Forms won the Mac Format Magazines database shootout. A continuously improved app and a fast and friendly support. Within just two days the problem with version 3.8 was fixed. Nobody is perfect but the support of the developer and his efforts to develop the best database app for Apple devices is. Thanks to Tap Zapp Software and its founder Brendan Duddridge.

Very disappointing

Again sync not working. No syncing since month. Hotline still not able to solve problem. The app is very good but without sync for me useless. I use it since years but I will erase the App.

good general database and well maintained & supported

I"m using it for over half. a year and it"s still the best I"ve seen with IOS.

Unable to use

App always crashes when i activate syncronisation via icloud. iPad app and OSX app are working fine! Please fix! iOS 8.4 on iphone 6.

Now with barcode scanner...

Adding the barcode scanner is a great addition.

The best database app

I really like that you can customize an existing form with many records without losing anything (I havent used a password protection). What could be improved? Difficult to say as it has almost everything you can imagine... Maybe a customized list view.

Worth every penny

Thx for that great app

Linking Dates

The best application in association with the foundation of the I-phone, with Tap Forms in process of linking set dates with main calendar... Awesome

High-quality app

This app is an incredible value. I use it to collect and analyze data related to my sleep and it is perfect! Its flexible, easy to use, has a bunch of different data types and interaction styles (checkboxes, pick lists, calculation fields, etc). Highly recommended.

Good App; Updates Are Just What I need

I have had this app for a while but am only recently using it, especially since the updates. Lots of functionality and easy to master them.

President of all that is good on the Universe

Just started to use it and I love it so far. Using it for home use and am trying to use it for work for data collection in the field

Best app so far in its class

Im a lawyer and I use it to manage my files. I hope that in the future, it will be able to automatically calculate or set up dates for me. It is cumbersome to manually enter dates such as deadlines. A function where I could also enter a date and then shows up in my calendar is also one in my wish list for this app. So far, this is the best app I can find to fill my needs.

Still works!

Cloud use a UI update for the passcode screen, Other than that its still one of the top 10 apps I use every day.

A Great App

I use this app daily. It does what it promises and has saved my bacon countless times.

Simple AND Syncs

Ive tried a couple database apps and although some are slightly more powerful the iPhone/iPad/Mac sync is indispensable. The database creation/editing is incredibly easy and intuitive. Finally, the Enterprise function of locking the editing functions is definitely something Ill use in the future.


I use this app every day as a trucker, my only suggestion is a way to set number of decimal places for a numerical field

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