Tap Forms Organizer and Secure Database App Reviews

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had high hopes

looking for bento replacement....this one just makes syncing your database between the mac and the iphone a nightmare....constant fails...dosnt sync on its own... have to reset syncing to make it work....always wondering if Im going to lose my data.... Bummed that I spent so much on the desktop and phone app....

Im done

Instead of upgrading current version this developer constantly comes out with a new version with a hefty price. Extremely greedy!

Apple Watch no longer works

After upgrade to version 5 I can no longer get forms to load on watch. Wasted money

Developer Greed!

This is already an expensive app. The developers decision to put out a new version of this app instead of releasing an update in an attempt to force existing users to pay an additional $16.99 is outrageous. Im a long-time user but I will not be spending any more money with this developer. Instead I will be switching to another app since there are several on the market that have the same functionality and are also as good or better than Tap Forms 5.

Pretty scummy

Bought this version (which was already a pretty expensive app to begin with). You put out a new version instead of updating this app and doubled the price. Wont be purchasing anything from this developer again.

Not Impressed

Still not impressed. Get another database if you need relationships and links.

New purchase immediately offers upgrade at full price.

There seem to be too many versions. I use tap forms on MacOS and wanted to be able to use it on iOS as well. But when I buy, it immediately encourages me to upgrade to tap forms 5. Dont make your users figure out which version of your app they need.


Another purchase for long time users. I gave this app 5 stars previous to this update. Now I dont care, they are leaving me, I am leaving them. Beware purchasers of the new app, itll happen again. Its a temporary purchase until they want more money to stay current.

Best database out there. And Ive used many.

Best database program I have ever used on any format. Period. Even though I was concerned a few times about problems with certain updates, customer service handled it with outstanding timeliness. If you are looking for a database this is the program for you. I will admit the learning curve is a little steep sometimes, however its well worth the effort!!! It will help organize you business and your daily life! 6stars! ----- ----- ----- ---- PS--- Now using this app for a few YEARS and still use it EVERY DAY!!!

Great Job!

Finally! A "One Stop Shop" that syncs everything I do. Its what Bento should have been. Sync took a little time to wrap my head around setting it up... iPhone, iPad, Mac Desktop... and Mac Mini, works with Dropbox great. This App replaces a whole lot of other stuff and does so elegantly. The App should come with every Mac! Good Job guys.

excellent and valuable

its really a helpful application in my business

Great switch from FileMaker

After 30 years and no support or breaks on cost with FileMaker, I finally tried a new personal database application. The conversion has been easy and only a couple days I like it more than the program I had been married to since 1991!

Sync fail

The program itself is great. Unfortunately, syncing between the iOS and Mac versions is completely and utterly unreliable. Most of the time it wont sync at all. A couple of times it has destroyed my database trying to sync. I really wished this worked but without reliable syncing it is practically useless to me.

Most excellent

I actually use this database for performing medical calculations such as correcting ventilator settings or for adjusting insulin doses. It works extremely well for calculations in addition to working well as a database.

You cant beat the support

This is a great app if you need simple tables that can be sync between all your Apple devices. But the best part of this app is the excellent tech support from the developer. Since I got it, I needed support in a couple of times, and I got an immediate email response in both cases. I extensively recomend Tap Zapp Software Inc.

Best Portable Database with iCloud Sync

Ive bought and tried them all and this one does the best job. I do wish the iOS forms were customizable but its not a huge deal.

Powerful but ideosyncratic

This is an amazing app I couldnt live without. Is easy to set up a database to log almost any kind of data. It is as powerful as expensive apps costing much more. The downside is that there are quite a few features that are awkward and not done the standard iOS way. It is as if the developers only use an iOS device to develop this app and have no idea what a typical user expects. For example sharing. The share icon is used for several other functions so it hard to find the actual share menu. To finally get to the standard share menu you know and love, the one that is a single click or menu choice in other apps, is a multistep operation on this app and needs action on several menu levels. Very un-iOS. It is so buried that you will not find it unless you ask on a forum. Im certain most users dont know there is a share menu. On the other hand these are annoyances. This app is a personal database tool tool and that job it gets right.

My favorite App!

This is app is really exceptional. Its versatile and easy to use. Customer support is phenomenal. If you need a mobile database this is the best there is. I keep very detailed logs of my hobbies and there is nothing on the market that comes close to tap forms for power and flexibility. The fishing log I created is head and shoulders above anything I can buy ready made in the App Store!

Extensibility is its secret power.

What makes this app so awesome is its extensibility. Its potential is limited only by your imagination. I purchased it in 2010 when I needed an app to store website passwords securely. Most password apps have a dedicated fixed-use; their fields are designed for website passwords or credit card numbers, and nothing else, because the fields cant be customized. Youd need separate apps to store the different data fields that are unique for websites, banking, insurance, and credit card accounts... security questions, phone numbers, renewal and expiration dates, names, mailing address, group codes, etc. Tap Forms is nothing like other data storage apps. It didnt take long to realize this app is in a class of its own. I created new forms or customized the built-in forms to track just about anything I could ever want: - passwords for more than just websites, like computer logins and application systems at work - serial numbers for home appliances and valuables - any type of account info: credit card, savings/checking, investment, health/home/life/car insurance, home utilities - clothing sizes - padlock combinations - recording episodic data and multiple variables to export for trend or statistical analysis - vehicle oil changes and your last haircut - travel expense reports; even take a picture of the receipt and a voice memo of who attended The magic of this app is that its really a mini-database on your iOS device, allowing you to create about any form using a wide variety of data types. Examples: calculation field type, performing simple numeric or time math using data from the other fields; GPS location; drawing; file attachments (transfer to your device using the built-in web server); and link to other forms. The import/export/backup/built-in web server/DropBox/iCloud support allows you to share and protect data. You can encrypt the entire database or select fields. Theres a Tap Forms for Mac, too, and itd be great to have my data everywhere, but I dont use the computing platform. This is a great app!


I have been using Tap Forms on my iMac for about 6 months now...It saved my bacon after Bento was no longer supported in Yosemite. I am a painter with lots of info on each painting in each record. Sometimes I am asked questions about an older piece and now all of that info is available to me on my iPhone. It works (and syncs to my iMac) like a charm. I did have a few installation questions and support was back to me within an hour of writing my email. I only regret not having bought this sooner.

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